Anyway, Mars 2112 was a real-life, uh, theme restaurant where the theme is you traveling to Mars in the year 2112 and dining on Mars.  There was a simulator ride that takes you “from Earth” all the way “to Mars,” which mostly involves moving a wall and turning on a blacklight while everyone’s on the 3-or-4-minute “flight.”  There was one in New York, and eventually there was one in Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg, Illinois, where I was previously working at the Warner Bros Studio Store while in art school.  (AOL had recently bought Time Warner and closed down all the Warner Bros stores.  Fuck AOL.)

Long story short, I worked at a Mars 2112.

And you should write what you know, I guess.

and what i know is that mars 2112 hated you calling their theme restaurant a “theme restaurant”