From T Campbell:

The first four panels here establish a couple of character dynamics while putting one subplot to bed (Rumy’s short-lived “new look”) and trying to put another one to bed, only to have it rise up like a recalcitrant kindergartner who insists she isn’t tired: Jackie and Will are trying to be “just friends” but have a sexual tension between them, unhealthy as it is persistent. If using that little-kid simile to talk about sex stuff squicked you out a little, that’s kind of the point: Jackie is 18 and acts younger, Will is 22 and acts older.

The “I hate Fridays” bit was a meta acknowledgment of Fans‘ usual MTWTF schedule, with cliffhangers generally reserved for Fridays… but this installment came out on Monday, because we were going seven days a week, so anything could happen anytime now. (David is right that this schedule was unsustainable for Jason: the Fans story before this one had no art at all and the one after it was by two guest artists. I’m glad we put our resources here, though.)