I don’t think I’d done much pictography in my thought bubbles up to this point, so I’m pretty sure that’s a T Campbell touch.  The ASCII facial expressions on Sensitive Scanner — or hell, just turning her around to a 3/4s shot so we could see her screen — I forget whose ideas those were, or if they were a joint effort.  Oh, right, let’s go dig up what T sent me for today, maybe he remembers.

“Two of them are… guys, and only two! We’re gonna get some serious Bechdel action up in here!”
Compared to most of the characters in this crossover, the Head Alien was pretty easy to establish for Fans readers who might’ve been new to him. I mean, that cape and the backlighting in panel 2 do most of the work for me.
The emoticons on the Sensitive Scanner’s monitor were a nice touch in ’03. Today, we’d be using [KEYCAP 2] and [LOUDLY CRYING FACE] or [SMILING FACE WITH HEART-SHAPED EYES] emoji.