Dina casually ducking in the middle of this battle to avoid a thrown combatant is definitely the best part of this page.

And, yeah, superpowers or not, Rumy’s gonna mop the floor with Walky.

I figure Joe is sort of a devoted collector of sexy memories the way he collects Transformers, and “real-life fight with a wild, raging dominatrix-type” is a 1987 Fortress Maximus, mint in box.

I was a little hard on Walky yesterday, so let’s give him credit where it’s due: he can revise his tactical assessment quickly when new data hits him in the face.
But so can Rumy. She shifts her attention to the Big Friggin’ Gun as soon as Walky orders Joyce to grab it. Occupying the opposing team leader has its advantages, but again, nothing else will really matter if anyone from the Squad performs the action that the Fans are fighting to stop.