Another extra-sized daily from me!  The situation kind of demands a larger canvas.

It’s fun seeing Rumy immediately leap to Tony, who she’s already been informed is one of Squad 128’s three strongest (and its most angriest), and take him out immediately.  Man, I bet Sal coulda really used that kinda move three years prior, huh?

Walky’s being a brat.

I like it when very short, choppy dialogue makes fight scenes move at a brisk pace. And it’s a good quip by Walky, though it really highlights his overconfidence more than how dumb these normies are for trying to take him on.
Strategy 101: if you can take out your opponent’s strongest asset right away, do so. Each team’s blond strongman is the first to go down: Will won’t get up from this until it’s too late for him to affect anything, and Tony’s a TKO. But those guys only look like the heaviest hitters: Rumy, Joyce, and Walky are the real key players. (Tony, Joyce, and Walky all have super-strength and good-to-great fighting skills, but Walky is also the leader and Joyce can fly.)
The difference is that Walky thinks he’s taking out the other team’s strongest asset, whereas Rumy knows that she isn’t. Rumy had to go after Tony first because he was the trigger man, and if he was free to fire the gun, then this whole fight would be pointless. Walky’s making his call based on who looks toughest, because he hasn’t yet faced the fact that once you hit a certain level, native intelligence is no substitute for doing your homework.