I have the same forehead tattoo!

And now we’re back for one more Mist bit that mostly works, though Meighan won’t be as crucial to upcoming developments as this may imply. It’s more that it establishes a certain M.O. for him that’ll be important later, after he personalizes the hells he puts people through to be a lot more fearsome than “flamey Fauvist flypaper.”

“Everything’s negotiable” is usually an airy exaggeration, but when you’re dealing with the agents of Hell, it’s worth noting that the set of “everything” includes one’s soul. Mist didn’t ask for a claim on her soul specifically, but he didn’t have to. From the way she said it, he knew she’d give it.
And it’s one step forward, one step back for Rikk and Ali: just as he was starting to remember and let her know how much he cares for her, he’s got no choice but to close up again for a reason Will understands but she doesn’t. This won’t be the last time Mist comes between them. Sure, they could talk this out later, just like they could talk later about why he didn’t sing about her to “that witch” and how it’s not what she thought. There’s always “later,” until there isn’t.