1. a-watchmen-christmasI love that this SEMME battleship has a bathroom.  And not, like, an airplane bathroom.  Just a bathroom.
  2. I would give anything to see the table of contents for A Treasury of Slashfic.

I dunno, Rumy, the fact that Alisin’s unconsciously echoing Dr. Manhattan’s doomed first marriage can’t bode well.

It’s meant to be a bit ambiguous whether Rikk’s interlude with Joyce constitutes “micro-cheating” on his side or not, but I think it’d be a lot more defensible if he’d given Alisin a heads-up before doing something that “felt sneaky.”
Rumy’s got a tangle of unrequited feelings for Rikk herself, but at this point she channels them into cheerleading for Rikk and Alisin’s marriage. It takes the sting out of losing a romantic competition if what you’ve lost to is a love for the ages. As a consequence of this, she and her former rival tell each other everything. This triangle would struggle along a while longer until it reached a stabler configuration back in Fans’ original Willis-drawn finale.