aw that’s so thoughtful

The Sensitive Scanner sells this, though I wish we’d left HA and MM a bit less “duhhh, what happened” and a bit more “now we know a thing that can make SEMME’s life more difficult.” It’d fit better with their next appearance, and it’d remove the need to make this scene more interesting by having Mist pull an HA-style joke on HA, which feels like a little much to me now.
It’s hard for me to decide how I feel about how I did with Mist. He’s got a lot of interesting parts, but I should have been further along in figuring him out than I was here. Is his sense of humor droll or wacky, and when does it come out? Is he spiteful enough to imprison HA and MM merely for trying to “claim his property” or does he feel somewhat warmly toward them as “colleagues” from another universe, with goals similar to his and no chance of becoming his rivals?
I guess you could argue that it’s both: that he can treat HA as a “colleague” as long as he gets what he wants, like most psychopaths. “When people show you who they are, believe them.” And some of his oddities make a little more sense when you find out his real past. Still, he’s one of the characters I occasionally get theĀ Dumbing of Age-y urge to just redo from the ground up.