hey cool joyce gets to keep alisin’s chain


or maybe we can assume the cheese shows up and is like YOINK! in between strips, i dunno, the “surplus” chain is kinda his thing

Since it’s Mist’s magic bringing the Fans back to their home universe, the selection process is not based rigidly on what made the tripĀ fromĀ that home universe in the first place. Alisin’s chain remains in the Walkyverse, but the Fans’ stolen clothes do not. Sorry, Trailer Guy, but you’d probably given up on getting them back anyway.

Since Professor Doc established that the chain will slowly “revert” back to its home universe anyway, it won’t be joining the Power Booster Rod in SEMME’s Museum of McGuffins. Sure, Alisin will be a bit bummed, but it’s not like she can’t pick another one up at the hardware store.
“The secret word?” You’re close to figuring it out, Meighan. Closer than you think.
oh right it’s gonna blink back

though the cheese might YOINK it before that happens anyway, it’s not like he listened in on that conversation

too bad, ‘cuz joyce, like, just having a whip-chain around for the rest of the walkyverse woulda been rad