I want to know who films these “So You’re Going To Be A Secret Agent” films for a top secret organization such as SEMME.  Or is it more like The Office, where, like, Big Boss films them himself and it’s basically 15 solid minutes of second-hand embarrassment as Big Boss does his worst SNL skit reenactments?

I say “himself” because Linda Walkerton proooooooooobably hasn’t spent the day or so she’s been Big Boss refilming all of the suddenly-outdated portions of SEMME’s video material.  But on the other hand, I guess Head Alien is dead, so what other Big Bossing does she have to do?  Maybe earlier today she was standing in front of an old video camera in the parking lot, looking despondently at the camera, then back down at her script, muttering, “sweetie, Anthony, I loved you, but I am not going to say ‘cheeburger cheeburger cheeburger’.”