Hey, it’s THE CHEESE!

Our first good look at him with his cape open, and I’d decided he didn’t have legs.  He just kinda floats.

Sal and Danny “stage-looking” at him, wherein they look up at him for us, the audience, even though he’s got to be somewhere behind them, is kind of buggin’ me.  I don’t mind the practice, and I still employ stuff like this today, but I just think it’s executed wrong here.

There was originally a “TO BE CONTINUED” at the bottom, because originally there was a week-long break between this and the next strip, with guest strip fill-ins by Avalon‘s Josh Phillips.  I’ll be putting those below in the news/blog section of the site.  The “TO BE CONTINUED” used a font I no longer have, causing it to render terribly and large in the layered version of this file, and so I just got rid of it.  The strip continues as per usual tomorrow anyway.