Look, it’s the Cliffs Notes on Head Alien II!  And probably the fanciest Head Alien helmet I’ve ever rendered, I dunno.

Interestingly, that’s a redrawn version of this Joyce and Walky! scene here.  I guess I deemed its art Too Old.

Leslie and Ultra Car are aware that Head Alien II is already dead where they’re from, but this is a Head Alien II from somewhere in the middle of his lifespan, stuck here indefinitely!   I gather that this loophole is how Death’s Head is still around in Marvel.    Leslie and Ultra Car probably wouldn’t be 100% up on how Head Alien II died — they weren’t there for it, and they’re not close friends with anybody who was — but they kind of have to know enough for the scene to flow.  It’s like how in WandaVision, when Dr. Darcy and Agent Woo and all them knew exactly what went down in incredible detail with the Avengers at the end of Endgame and whatnot.  Because they have to.  You can’t have semi-reliable narrators when you’re providing exposition.  You gotta grease those wheels.

(Also notice that in flashback, when Head Alien II arrives, he’s in uncolored lineart, exactly like Shortpacked!‘s first strips.)

hilarious banana peel pratfall