Whoof, that was a girls-getting-hurt-resulting-in-making-boy-protagonist-feel-things twofer!  Both Joyce and Dina!  Right in a row!  Just rippin’ off that Band-Aid.

Walky’s rage isn’t a part of his Dumbiverse incarnation.  In case you haven’t noticed, rage is a pretty common problem in the Walkyverse!  Sal, Joyce, Walky, Amber… these are all folks who are pretty quick to violence, flip of the switch.  It took me a long while to realize that a personality that’s eternally poised on the edge of anger is… not… normal…???  Apparently I grew up in this soup of Borderline Personality Disorder before I knew that was a thing, and for the whilest while on some level I just thought that was how people are.  Say the wrong thing, suddenly Defcon 1!

So, you know, here’s Walky’s trip of it.  And it’s probably the most severe.

But I decided in Dumbing of Age that this wasn’t going to be a part of him.  I scaled back the angry moodswings quite a bit on everyone.  I gave that stuff solely to Amber.  (Though Joyce retains some non-life-self-sabotaging iteration of it.)

Anyway, this is why Walky doesn’t like being called Walky!  GOOD SHOW, EVERYONE.

I like the small detail of seeing Alan having saved his own life by duct-taping the leak in his helmet.



…oh, the green dinosaur toy on the desk