Yeah, here’s the thing about The Cheese.  He seems pretty magic, right?  Well, as per Dina’s drop of the usual maxim about how sufficiently advanced techology yadda yadda, The Cheese nonetheless runs on the laws of physics as per the universe.

Mist does not.  Mist runs on magic.  Actual real magic.

There is no magic in the Walkyverse.

The Cheese, for all his power, is kinda fucked.  Mist takes all the rules The Cheese depends on and throws them in the goddamn garbage, flippantly, like an errant lightsaber over one’s shoulder.

Also, as an addendum, I am not great at rendering things abstracty Picasso-style, as was asked for in our script.

Not too much to say about this one: it’s mostly transitional, but when you’re showing a God-figure falling to Satan’s lieutenant, that’s worth a few extra panels.

Walky’s reaction helps sell it, I think. Sometimes the characters need to project the emotions you want the story to create.