Y’know, it’s my understanding that Catholic Hell is just having to listen to Protestants.

TBH, neither strip was super great at rendering the “Picasso” thing, but we carried on.

Even when he’s not actively distrusting their judgment, Rikk has a tendency to usurp the mic from any other field commander in his presence. Wait long enough and it’ll happen. He just can’t help it. This came up a half-dozen times or so in Fansincluding its very first arc and the (final) series finale.

One weakness in his strategic abilities: he has a physical courage and self-sacrificing impulse that often get him in more trouble than his body can handle. “I won’t ask anyone to do what I wouldn’t do myself” is a fine policy for a scoutmaster, and Rikk, it’s great you’re willing to dive into Hell to rescue people. But dude, maybe first ask one of those actually super-strong people standing right next to you to do it? Or even just Will? You’ve got nothing to prove.
I like that the characters find four different ways to describe what’s going on that are all sort of right and all show how much they don’t understand, like four blind women feeling their way around different parts of a Hellephant.