see i told you alisin wears white makeup, do not doubt my Sunday colorings

And good job, Walky, A+.

Comic Sans is the font of pain.

If you’re going into combat with your s.o. or spouse by your side, you need some detachment to get anything done, but there’s probably a problem if they get tackled and you aren’t a little upset.
Fans makes a lot of hay out of Rikk’s tactical abilities (though my own grasp of tactics needed more improvement then than I’d like to admit) but in combat, these could be limited by his many emotional issues and the fact that you can realistically only shout so much coaching between attacks. His best achievement here is that his influence has led others to think tactically (mostly Rumy).
Dina’s attitude here is a callback to “people are dead because of me,” not the more recent issues she’d developed. It should’ve been both, but I still like how the weakest person present has briefly become the biggest threat to Shanna and Meighan, and that she’s actually telling herself “no one else will die because I failed” while she’s preparing to kill. Life is cruel to this version of Dina, but often she makes it worse for herself (see: every conscious decision she made about Mike).

*looks at the strip*


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