*half-wince at Dina’s “sorta” in the first panel, since that’s not very Dina-y*

Dina is often an autobiographical character for me.  I grew up being told that I was a perfect human being who excels at everything, and I believed it for the longest time, because, what, would my mom lie???? and eventually you learn, oh, hey, actually, you’re shitty at everything.  I was especially shitty at interacting with other people, to the point that I didn’t even notice that I was shitty at interacting with people until… *looks at year of original publication, subtracts birth year* … I was about 23 years old.  So here’s Dina channeling my “oh hey I’m a shitty shit shit, unlike everyone else who seems to be good at things.”

It’s kind of Ruthian.