Here’s the 2003 Free Comic Book Day page I did for Keenspot’s anthology that year.   We were asked to do something on the theme of comic books, and I guess this is what I came up with.  The dream portion was a way to give a relatively-baggage-less take on It’s Walky! as a better presentation for potential new readers.  This particular strip has to go here because, um, it will seem kind of a… tonal whiplash slotted in any later than this.  As if that usually bothers me.

Keith’s Comix, the location of Walky’s dream sequence, is the comic book shop I frequented when I lived in Schaumburg, Illinois.  It’s where I bought my Dreamwave Transformers comics!  Great memories.  I don’t… think there was a fence to the left of it.  I think I just conveniently deleted the rest of the strip mall so I could fit Monkey Master’s face there.

Ultimate Robo-Vac #1’s cover is, of course, a riff on the Ultimate Marvel style of comic book covers, which were new at the time.  *Googles*  Okay, they were three years in at the time.  Whatevs!