For the fifteenth anniversary of Roomies!, Mike gets tricked into showing up at his own wedding!

Dang, pretty sure I’m gonna be tagging some folks for the first time here.  We get to see toddler Machete, the Wilcoxen’s kids grown up a bit more, we learn that Sal’s wedding attire (when she’s not in the wedding party) is really just her Dumbing of Age motorcycle jacket.   Danny’s grown a beard!  Joe busts out a tie!  Had I really not given Ken a last name yet?  And, yes, the resurrected, historical Yeshua ben Yosef.   Not many weddings get to boast Him as a guest.

Amber is wearing a corset-style wedding gown, because there was a story years ago in which she wore a corset.  It was a thing.

Joyce is a bridesmaid because, I guess, Amber doesn’t really know any other girls, but she knows Mike, so sure.  (I mean, there’s a very very good reason why she might be considered important enough for this, but Amber doesn’t know it quite yet, so)

Should Danny and Billie really be there?  Do they even know Amber or Mike very well?  Was this a fun trip for them to make from Denver to San Francisco with two small children to attend the wedding of two strangers?  Are they there really because this is a Roomies! anniversary thing?   Yes.