Looks like it was decided that this storyline was over!

This appears to be the first strip I drew with a simple marker, rather than the terrible-to-work-with-why-was-I-using-it Staedtler caligraphy pen I worked with through all of Roomies!, with its metal nib and refillable cartridges.  Seriously, that thing was awful, and it was murdering all the curves out of my art because it really only wanted to do straight lines.  And so in comes the fine-tipped marker, at long last.  I would use it (along with Sharpies for thicker lines and a precision-pen for thinner lines) until the middle of Shortpacked!, when I introduced a brush pen.  The digital brush I use now works as a compromise of sorts between the marker and the brush pen, marrying the benefits of both.  I get the markery reliability and the right amount of line width variation I crave.  Technology has finally caught up to what I actually want my linework to look like.