In addition to Donna Warner, here’s the other thing I was able to squeeze into this story since I took so long to finish it!  That’s right, we get Jocelyne, who we learned a bunch about in Dumbing of Age.  Otherwise, she’d be, uh, you know, not Jocelyne.  And since I had one of Joyce’s siblings accidentally obscured in an earlier page, as remarked upon, I was able to reveal her in her full glory here!  (And of course, Machete remembers his Aunt Joss, though I’m sure he knows a twenty years older version.)

Speaking of writing things later, here’s the portal to other dimensions that I first designed for a story in Shortpacked!.  Put into chronological order, it looks like I’m totally planning this out all mastermind style, rather than just creating transitions to stuff I’d already written earlier.

I had to go dig up a billion-years-old Tumblr post to figure out if that was Jared or Justin to the immediate left.  Turns out the guy with Joyce eyes who isn’t Jocelyne is Jared.