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Oh, you thought we were done introducing characters? Yeah, that’s just what we wanted you to think!

Agent Mist here is making his on-camera Fans debut as well as his IW debut… sort of. This is the first time we’ve seen him as a young man. Remember that possible-future dystopia the Fans visited that made them paranoid about alternate timelines and such, which motivates Agent Jones’ “concern” here? Mist was basically running it. So Jones, who’s been the Fans’ frenemy for many months, should probably be aiming more of his concern at this ambitious young hotshot who knows things he doesn’t.
If we were doing this plot today, I’d probably cast Mist as a Scott Pruitt, somebody appointed to head the FIB despite openly opposing its mission of protecting ordinary humans from the supernatural– or, if you must, being “worryingly moderate” about it. “Hey, demons are good for us! A little healthy fear keeps us on the straight and narrow.” But in 2003’s climate, we assumed he’d have to hide his allegiances and work his way up the ranks.