I had never actually shown Ruth’s grave before.  I’d shown Dina’s.  And nobody cares about Tony’s.  But when it came to write The Last Roomies! Story Ever, Promise, I figured, look, let’s finally go there.  And so we have a lot of our major Walkyverse players here, paying tribute to her on the fifteenth anniversary of her Heroic Act Of Integrity, looking all grown up and with children.  Joyce, grow your hair back out again!  Walky, try to age sometime, you still look twelve.  Howard, feel free to stab Danny in the neck, it’s right there, you know you’ve got that shiv in your pocket, avenge your sister!

Machete’s just pooped.

Did you know this story is the reason Dina pops out of the Soggies Portal at the end of Shortpacked! instead of Ruth?  I was thinking about doing Ruth, but then I remembered, whoops, this story happens, and I wasn’t sure if this happens AFTER the end of Shortpacked!, somehow (Soggies MAY rule), and so I went with Dina.  I think Dina was the better choice, but it coulda gone the other way.

The important thing we’ve learned is that if you republish the entire non-Shortpacked! Walkyverse every day, it’ll run out in about nine years.  Learning this trivia has made doing these updates every night worthwhile.

Anyway, this was it!  Goodbye!  You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here!

(you can stay here)

(read through again a few times, give me some adviews)