Ha!  Danny could’ve said something else, and maybe Ruth might’ve lived that night!  Sucks to be you, Danny!  Chew on that until you die!

Anyway, I gotta go add a “Ruth’s grave” location to the previous 5 strips.  This story’s new to an awful lot of you and so I didn’t want to spoil it right out of the gate, but that’s where we are.  Surprise!

I purposefully didn’t care about Ruth’s Walkyverse birthday when I gave her one in the Dumbiverse, because that shouldn’t be beholden to trivial details like this if I want to tell a story in another universe, but her birthday  here seems to definitely be July 13, not somewhere early in January.  Maybe you can pretend it still says January but whoever carved the headstone is just really shitty at centering text.

dang all the dudes grew beards except Walky, huh