someone’s been watching too much jurassic park

More cruelty, as Shanna, the only one trying to think things out instead of just running like hell and diving for cover, is the next and last one to be singled out. Usually, seeing things a bit differently helps the Fans overcome their challenges. Not this time.

In fairness, her analysis is a little off. Spiders do have poor eyesight, but they rely more on touch, taste, and the vibrations in the webs they spin to catch their prey, which clearly isn’t analogous to air-to-ground combat. And giving the Tarantuship poor sonar and radar just to mimic a real-life animal is crazy and stupid and… and actually totally something the Head Alien might do. Remember when Monkey Master didn’t even have elbows?
Just as well, though, that I didn’t go for an easy but OOC Jurassic Park reference.
look i can’t point any fingers regarding jurassic park references