Woo, the cavalry’s arrived!  …I feel like I haven’t drawn those Year Zero-style Alien mechs in a while.  Did I redesign them to be cooler at some point between them and now, or am I misremembering? *checks*  Oh yeah.  I had fancy transforming ones.  But we’re bringing back the old model, I guess!  Probably because I forgot???? Or maybe there were like three because they were really expensive, and Walky smashed two and stole the last one, I dunno.

Definitely haven’t seen those hoverpads in a bit.

And, hey, it’s Honey!  I guess Honey’s wandered off whatever motion picture set he was on.  Whoops.

You gotta whip out all this miscellaneous old stuff for the Big Finale, dontchaknow.  The Russo Bros know what I’m talking about.