1. here we see joe deducing that dina is also into the ladies before everyone else
  2. Don’t copy-paste your properly-capitalized dialogue into a comic book typeface.  You’ll end up improperly giving words that begin with capital I, like the “It’d” in panel two, serifs.  Those should be reserved for the pronoun “I.”  Anywhere else, the Capital I should just be an unadorned stick.  Some free font advice from me.
  3. Here we see Dina more rigorously embodying my own growing anxiety about how terrible I am at interacting with people, and the exponential anxiety side dish that comes with that when one realizes that, actually, you were terrible at interacting with people all along and you never had a clue.   Joe, of course, feels like the antithesis of that.  I’d say he is, but, well, sometimes Joe is pretty terrible at interaction, even though he’s assumed to be a smooth-talkin’ ladies man.   It is distinctly possible that Joe is how someone who isn’t good at human interaction would write someone who is supposed to be good at human interaction.