The day Joyce and Walky met as kids was sure an important day in the Walkyverse!  I kept on going back and making it more and more important as time went on.  Here’s step 2.  We’d get step 3 a few years later during a SEMME invasion by certain Anglo-Saxon martial artists, and step 4 was in that flashback story with Ruth, were we find out that Walky’s abduction was one more pile of garbage on top of an already garbage day.

…it’s possible step 4 and step 3 should be swapped in order, but I don’t wanna go look up filedates or nothing right now because it’s like 4am as I write this.  But anyway.

Walky, maybe don’t blame yourself too much for something you did as a young child.  … Man, that was supposed to be comforting but it came out all lecture-y.   I need to work on my Dad Voice.