Scott Snyder totally stole the whole Year Zero name thing from me!  ‘Course, he switched the words around, but I’M ON TO YOU, DUDE.

We see Agatha on the ground there in panel one.  Next to her is someone I presume is the red-headed squadmate who I’d never given a name to according to my knowledge.  So he has a full name now and she now has a last one.

Also, I wonder how the hell Dina is fallen out of her bed.  She was just sleeping in it!  The amount of her consciousness was unaltered!  I mean, sure, it’s more dramatic this way, but okey doke whatevs.  Regardless, it’s good to show little scenes like this, of everyone fallen over, just to give a sense of scale to the incident.  The original strips didn’t show other folks at all until they were needed later.