Y’know, it’s weird to think of a time when Danny and Billie weren’t an intentional item.  I’m trying to think of when my brain let it be a possible thing that Danny and Sal wouldn’t get together in the end.  But I introduced Billie, she became increasingly important, and holy crap she bounces off Danny fairly well.  Y’know, she’s kind of emotionally all over the place and self-destructive and embodies all the vices Danny used to hate, while Danny is more steady and reserved, but shaken, and maybe starting to be okay with some of those vices, and they went through a traumatic experience together… and it just sort of starts happening.  (And, really, in hindsight, both of them are stuffed up their own ass.)  Despite all of Joyce’s machinations, I never once thought she’d end up with Danny, since Sal was and would always be Danny’s girl, but sometimes stuff happens that you didn’t expect.

Billie’s probably my favorite surprise from all of Roomies!.