that’s right we got howard dean references up in here

Here Joyce unleashes a Bible verse that’s also been brought up in Dumbing of Age, though in a less… sensitive context.  Back in 2003 when I was writing this, I was poking a bear.  The bear was me!  I was still sorting this stuff out, and, well, I think Walky’s winning at this point in time.  Sure, there’s quite a few sects that don’t take that specific doctrine so strictly and have alternate, kinder interpretations, but from where Joyce (and I) were raised, that stricter interpretation was, like, 100% of everything.  Without believing that there’s only one narrow way to believe in God, everything else falls apart.  It’s the linchpin of the whole arrangement.  When Joyce says it’s the cornerstone of [her] Christianity, she’s not exaggerating.

So, you know, there’s going to be some problems.

When your belief system is so absolutist (like a SITH’S!), your faith is more likely to break than it is to bend.  And confronting issues like these is a good way to snap it right the fuck in two.