It will probably surprise no one that Tony is often an afterthought in most of my stuff.  Everyone else is so much more interesting to me.  I could have easily have written this entire story with him just kind of being there.  But here T finds a real good use for him.  Gives him a scene.  Honestly, T writes Tony better than me.

Out of our three angry blond men, Will and Tony have the most in common. Neither are entirely asocial but neither are all that much fun at parties; both have leadership potential but their issues make them not fit for that role at present; and both are haunted, by abuse and by loved ones who have either died or betrayed their trust. Tony has more graves to visit, though, and Will’s healthier on the whole.

Will’s tendency to borrow swears from comic books, TV shows and movies (like Tintin here) is a tic he picked up out of a desire not to become his father, which is kind of goofy, kind of sad, and not totally unlike the speech patterns Walky (and to a lesser degree, Joyce) use to resist growing up.