Dialogue is back!   Interesting strip titles return!  And of course it’s Head Alien who breaks the silence.  It had to be.

As noted previously, the wedding was drawn after I’d been doing Dumbing of Age for a while.  Note Dorothy’s painted upper lip.  Honestly, drawing this page was extremely fun, entirely due to the convergence of a two things:

  1. Head Alien has never had a face before.  He’d never been able to ACT to this level before, with eyes and a mouth and anything beyond body posture and the suggestion of expression through a warping helmet visor.  And so I had the sudden luxury of deciding, for real, how this guy’s face would work if you actually got to see it.  What kind of faces is he making under there?
  2. That face is Dorothy’s.  Again, Dorothy had been solidly established as capital-D Dorothy over in Dumbing of Age, so doing Head Alien’s acting THROUGH hyperserious Yale-bound studious Dorothy?  Just wrong in all the fun ways.

I love Head Alien staring at Dorothy’s hands in panel 3 — “hey one of these is usually a claw”