walk1mechgameSometimes I forget that these first few It’s Walky! storylines were loosely based on the Walkerton computer games I “programmed” in Klik & Play twenty years ago.  (Google them if you want to find them, I don’t got ’em.  Image from the right’s grabbed from the Interwebs.)  In the first few levels of the first game, you crash land on an uncharted island in the Bermuda Triangle and fight an Alien-controlled mech.  I’m weaving these very vague storybeats into the ongoing larger story about sleeper agents, but the echoes of those earlier stories are there nonetheless.  And then I realize further that the first game was based loosely on stories written when I was in elementary school.  So, in effect, right now, I’m kind of re-re-redrawing one of the first stories I’ve ever written.