rikk’s got so much dirt on his weenus now


That poor RVer.

The last alternate timeline the Fans wandered into was a hellish dystopia run by out-of-control law enforcement and Big Pharma, so it’s hard to argue they shouldn’t haveĀ someĀ paranoia. Still, I probably should have had more of the cast express some doubts about the morality of this course of action, the way one of them will in the next installment. No matter how Rikk tries to dress it up here, it’s a screw-someone-before-we-get-screwed mentality that shows how PTSD has tainted him.

And that punchline… UMMMMM… is probably best viewed as a relic of a time when it was still considered surprising and subversive even to acknowledge such tastes. Monty Python’s “Lumberjack” sketch hasn’t aged all that well for me, either.
…oh, oh, i see, i always thought Poor RVer just had lots of girlfriends