Oh, right!  These Alien mechs transformed!  I also totally forgot about that, too.  Were they designed for a computer game or something?  I think it’s too early for it to be that one I never finished, “It’s Walky!: Resurrection,” since that was about… that thing that happens in a few storylines.

Or maybe I just designed them to transform for the shit of it, or because every other person’s always “DOES YOUR STUFF TRANSFORM, YOU LIKE TRANSFORMERS RIGHT, I BET THEY ALL TRANSFORM, WHY DOESN’T THIS ONE TRANSFORM?????”

Also, ah-ha ha ha ha ha, Walky’s head is all plumped up because he thought he ran a successful mission just by being a piece of crap, but what he doesn’t know is that the Head Alien saved his dumb ass.

Final thought: A+ punchline.