Back in 2006 or so, I had a hard drive failure and lost… a lot.  Our good pal DaveL was able to recover a lot of it for us, but some things were unrecoverable.  Most of the recoverable stuff?  Shortpacked!  And so large amounts of that were fine, though me having to recreate a lot of it is why the first few books came out at a crawl.  But, uh, yeah, um, I don’t have, like, most of the rest of this $100 Theater stuff.  Not finished, anyway.  I have, like, bare lineart.  Which isn’t the worst, but I gotta re-dialogue it and recolor it.   And, ahahaha, I’m supposed to be in Wyoming in a few days, so we’ll see how much I can piece back together and how much you get copy-pasted from the original website.