What the what is with that CGI computer console.  Did I just, like, build that in school but want to use it somehow?  Generally the rule was Martian tech was CGI (when I could manage), so is this supposed to be a Martian tech computer console?  It’s been too long.  I don’t remember.

Here’s one of the disadvantages to overplanning: it can make you keep going with an approach you thought of earlier when you should be adapting to new information. I wrote the basics of this scene and David revised Professor Doc’s technobabble to set up later developments, but neither of us adjusted as well as we should have for the ending of “Social Darwinism.”

Even allowing for the fact that I wrote the initial draft before I got to read that, though, I now think my version of P.D. is too kind and nurturing by half. (Sigh) Let’s just say we caught him on a good day.

David did add insert a little of their actual dynamic into the denouement of “Seventh Power,” but using it here, particularly her desperation for his validation, would’ve been more organic and given some punch to what’s otherwise a pretty flat exposition scene. Still, that scene does cram a lot of info into a few panels and sometimes exposition just gotta exposit.