Yeah, when I ran that spaceship simulator ride at Mars 2112, occasionally there’d be somebody’s dad trying to “prove” that our “simulation ride” to “the planet Mars” to “eat duck pizza” was, in fact, a ruse!!!!  By asking questions, jackassedly.  One time somebody asked me what the speed of light is, if I’m so smart and a spaceship pilot.

I don’t …. confidently know what the speed of light is off the top of my head, but I gave the best answer that I thought sounded vaguely close enough from memory?  I think, like, “180,000 miles per second,” and that number might have belonged to kilometers in real life, or I messed up something or another — I am not presently going to check Google — but I get the feeling that dad didn’t know the answer either, and we all went merrily on our way.

Like, congratulations, you pulled the veil from our eyes, thanks, sir.