Oh shut it, Danny.  The truth is your weenus wants to jump your high school girlfriend ‘cuz it thinks it has unfinished business ever since she jumped you in the fountain.  Quit bein’ a jag.

I don’t like this storyline.  I don’t mean to say that I think it’s a BAD storyline, I just don’t like it.  (It might still be a bad storyline.)  It makes me feel uneasy. I don’t like the subjects of cheating or unfaithfulness.  Also, I am insanely monogamous.  I find a thing I like and then singlemindedly focus on it until either of us are dead, while all other things may not even exist.  (Hello, Transformers.)  And so I found myself in this “OOPS DANNY MIGHT STILL HAVE FEELINGS FOR SAL EVEN THOUGH HE’S BEEN DATING BILLIE FOR LIKE THREE YEARS” storyline without thinking through it too much beforehand.  Without thinking about what that really means.  “It’ll be fun,” I said to myself at the end of “Culmination,” before realizing, no, actually, not incredibly fun.

Hell, I made sure that in Shortpacked!, when Robin runs off and does her YouTube thing with Jake Manley that she and Leslie were officially donezo first just because it rankles me so, thinking back to how this storyline made me feel.