Hey, everyone, it’s me, David!  For this crossover with Fans! I guess you get commentary from not just me, but also sometimes T Campbell.  Below are some words that he sent me:

Hey, everyone! It’s T Campbell, jumping into the commentary about as abruptly as my Fans characters entered David’s narrative here. David is the closest thing I have to a “brother in comics”: we got in around the same time, we have similar obsessions and sensibilities but just different enough to keep things interesting, and as my own webcomics reading list has shrunk from hundreds of strips to under ten, he’s remained at or near the top of it for about a decade and a half at this point.

Fans has featured his art on a couple of occasions, and I’ve written a few little contributions to the Walkyverse, including one story I consider one of my all-time best, “The Last Temptation of Leslie Bean.” And, um, we also did this crossover which was mostly all right. Zero complaints about the art or David’s contributions to the script, but he let me take the lead on writing, and… well, we had fun. I think I could do a lot better now, but we had fun. Hope you will, too.

Neither of our comics had done any overt dimension-hopping up to this point, though David had laid the groundwork for it to play a bigger role in later stories. It’s ironic that Jason had to be sidelined for this one. I wish I’d followed through more directly on the concept of interdimensional fracking we start toying with here. Much later, Pete Abrams would do something like that in Sluggy Freelance, at least in terms of the pollution it could create.

Also, ICYMI, two to the seventh power is… 128, as in Squad 128. GET IT? GET IT? AHHHH?
T also had some commentary for the, uh, splash/cover page thing that I did?  You can see it on his site here.  But, like, I can’t find the original version of the file anywhere on my computer, and, eh, I don’t really do storyless “cover” pages on my site anyhow, so I guess I’m okay leaving it out.  Below is the commentary T wrote for it, regardless:
Not much to say about this cover specifically except that it sets the mood of “fun” like a spread of squirt guns at a ten-year-old’s birthday party. David set up a few of the most important relationships, but a good cover for a crowded crossover usually just says “Look at all the characters we got in this one! LOOK AT THEM” (See JLA/Avengers #1-3), and this one delivers.
I will probably have more to say later.  I realized at like 10pm tonight that, ha, wouldn’t it be fun if I redrew the header for the crossover like I did when it originally ran, and then suddenly oh shit it’s update time, so.