Well here’s a big wide shot!  This is… everybody random who’s still alive, basically.  Oh, hello, future wife, who I’d only been dating for a few weeks at this point.  I had a good feeling about this one.

Some other cartoonists have gone on the record as wanting to avoid putting girlfriends and boyfriends in their strips, just in case they break up with them later and it’s weird for them to read back in their own work.  Me?  Eh.  I’ve never dated anybody so awful I wanted to blot them out of my memory, so I guess I’m lucky that way, I dunno.  Comics are always a snapshot of where you were at the moment of creation.  It’s kind of like an old photo album, but with aliens.

Speaking of which, I drew Stan the Alien here, but I think he’s dead?  Stan’s the one with the pointy Teletubby hat, anyway.  Maybe another Alien inherited it.