Early in high school, our local comic book store, back when La Porte, Indiana, actually had a comic book store, had a contest.  Submit a comic book, and the winner in each age category would get a buttload of store credit.  I drew up a whole damn Robo-Vac comic in a few days, submitted it, and I won my category.  I only remember that this was high school because I recall buying a lot of Transformers: Generation 2 comics with my winnings.

The comic itself was all pencils, if I recall correctly, and I no longer have it.   Also, that comic book store went out of business, probably because G2 was the only thing I ever bought and I was their only customer.

However, I recycled a few of its gags for this Roomies! storyline, as well as the general origin and whatnot.  Today’s comic, I’m pretty sure, was one of those gags.