It was a Thing to figure out where to put these.  The full-page “Beginnings of the Ends” strips ran on Saturdays for free concurrently with the member strips as a way to catch up the unsubscribed with what’d been going on so far in Pay-Per-View Land, and they also sort of intermingle with the member strips as well.  I crossposted them there, because they were important to the story.

So, uh, trying to balance the concept of “series of page-tall updates all in a row” with “not being too redundant or too early,” I’ve opted to dump most of them here, mid… cliffhanger?  I guess before yesterday’s strip (Dorothy arriving at SEMME’s ruins) would have been more mid-cliffhangery, but the reveal of Head Alien II himself happens more naturally if you let that one slide through first, even if you interrupt their conversation for these.