Ha ha ha ha, I love that the upper half of the building is still ripped open from the Monkey Master attack.  Hope it hasn’t rained!

and jesus somebody pick up that potted plant, it’s not that hard

Have I rambled on about Ms. Eables yet on this website?  She’s one of my oldest characters.  Since Walky was, Ms. Eables was.  Like, elementary school days.  She was Big Boss’s beleaguered receptionist, you see — though we never actually get to see her illustrated, as that was supposed to be one of those Wilson on Home Improvement deals.  She’s my first, and for a long time, only female character.  Of course she’s a receptionist.  Fightin’ aliens is fer men!!!!

I didn’t name her.  David Ressman, the real-life guy Joe sprang from, did.