Phew.  Guess I’m done here– oh, right, I have to give last names to some Squad 82 folks.  Ummm…

Okay, from left to right:

Agatha Larsen already has a last name.  In case you were wondering why Agatha works at McAwesome’s in Shortpacked!, this Squad assignment was it.  Robin needed a counterpart at McAwesome’s, and so I chose Blonde Robin from the squad she was originally from.  Agatha’s Mormon in Dumbing of Age, so she wears fewer belly shirts there, but she’s exactly as chipper as she always was.

Travis!  He needed a last name.  It’s Amir now.  He has a supporting role in Joyce and Walky!, later on, but otherwise hasn’t shown up anywhere else since.

Rachel!  Otherwise known as “Other Rachel” over in Dumbing of Age.  Needed a last name, so, uh, it’s Moore.  Because “more” is a synonym of “other.”  Yup.   Dumbing of Age gave her blue eyes, lips, and purple hair to disambiguate her further from Amber Territory.

And there’s Andy O’Brien, previously named at some point.  See, he looked like, you know, Conan O’Brien, so he’s named O’Brien, see?  And he gets his first name from Andy Richter.  Now that’s all explained.  …. does he have another appearance after this?  I honestly don’t recall.  I guess he and Travis prooobably share a room or something on Danny/Walky/Joe/Mike’s floor in Dumbing of Age.