first ultra car-carAnd here it is, possibly the longest brick joke in the entire continuity.  This particular red SUV was first seen in the last strip of the first year of Roomies!.   Yes, that SUV was always meant to eventually be Ultra Car.  I was playing an incredibly long game.  I probably wasn’t initially sure if Ultra Car would happen inside this particular webcomic — maybe in a distinct-but-adjacent webcomic — but here she is, showing up in It’s Walky!.

I mean, Destiny has been launched and subsequently zombied.  She’s inevitable now.  It’s just how the story goes, tale as old as time.

It was important to me to nail her attitude immediately, and I think this strip does a pretty good job.  Snarky, contemptuous of humans, calling people “bucko,” maybe trying a little too hard… it’s all there.  I was trying to find a niche of “sassy nonhuman mascot character” that doesn’t skew too close to “Garfield,” and I think I did okay.