Huh.  Both Sal and Joyce pulled the same “appeal to television contrivances” gag on Danny.  I guess Joyce’s problem was she and Danny weren’t three years dumber when she tried it.

Let’s talk about Sal’s hair in these flashbacks.    Her hair here is how I drew Sal’s hair in high school.  By the time college was rolling around, I’d straightened it out a bit so it looked more like, well, hair.  Sal didn’t look like this in my style at the time.  But when I was drawing these strips, I thought maybe Sal could have her “old” hair in the past and her current hair when we caught up to her in the present.

I really regretted this decision later on, because Sal’s old hair is really dumb looking, and all my sweet flashbacks which I drew later on had to have her old dumb hair in it, because I’d established that’s what she looked like then.  My experience with Sal’s hair really made me think twice when I considered drawing Amber with her older Shortpacked! hair in her first Dumbing of Age flashback.  Would I hate having to draw more of that if/when I did later flashbacks?  I obviously gave Amber her old Shortpacked! hair, so, eh, we’ll see.