Yay, my hard drive kept this one.  It’d be a bongo to redo, as there’s so much going on.  Yeah, as other realities converge on this one, we get to see a few alternate takes.

Panel 1: Walkyverse Prime Sal and Joyce going at it, as seen years ago!  An earlier variant of Walky!  An… even earlier variant of Walky.  Like, my junior high version.

Panel 2: There’s apparently a universe where Dina and Mike go at it.

Panel 3: I… guess that’s either “our” Joyce and Sal again or a Joyce and a Walky.

Panel 4: Middle school Ultra Car versus middle school Monkey Master!  A character in black hair, maybe Billie???  I dunno.  Maybe it’s Joe’s daughter Jean from those middle school stories, she kinda looked like that.  Who even remembers?  Not even me.

I guess Head Alien’s previously-mentioned virus that was affecting The Cheese comes up here again.  And it’s to blame for all this madness!  Sal’s got, like, dimensional herpes or something.  And the wonkiness restored her arm, since by law of universal averages I guess she’s supposed to have one!  Eep, I hope she didn’t also lose her wisdom teeth or anything.  Or imagine being the only Sal in the multiverse who had appendicitis and suddenly a shard of shrapnel flies into her, trying to replace her appendix.  Yikes!  Glad it was…  just an arm!