Linked here is what would have been the cover to Roomies! #6.  When that didn’t happen, I repackaged the art as a limited print instead.  I’m linking instead of inlining the cover because there are probably SOME people who are reading this for the first time, and it kind of super-spoils a future storyline.

Once the comic book series was finished, it wasn’t until three years later that I would begin drawing Part 2.  The ideas simmered and cooked for a long while, and when the story finally came out, my drawing and coloring style had evolved.  The first page of Part 2 mostly recaps the last panel of Part 1 because I expected the halves of the story to be published separately.  But hey, whoops, it wouldn’t ever end up that way, would it.   My original plan was to split up the parts between Roomies! Book 1 and 2, but then :Roomies! Redux!” happened and that took the place in the book of part 1.  So both parts are now in Book 2, as never intended.